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Passionate about serving the practical needs in our local Community

“Our vision is of the people of Lurgan and surrounding areas, reconciled and living together as one community, experiencing peace, harmony and wellbeing".

Shankill Parish Church (Lurgan) has always been passionate about servicing practical needs in the local Community.  However, like many large towns in Northern Ireland, the range of need here in Lurgan can often be overwhelming.  In 1992 the Select Vestry of the Parish recognised they could not meet those needs standing alone.  In fact, with Lurgan being such a divided town, they felt it was imperative to work in partnership with others across the political divide.   The decision was taken to devolve the management of existing and future social need initiatives to a new Charitable organisation.   Formed in 1996, this new entity was called Shankill Parish Caring Association (SPCA), a Company Limited by guarantee and a charity recognised by the Inland Revenue.   SPCA is now controlled and managed by a Board of Directors comprising Community and Church Representatives and has a track record of over 30 years’ service to Lurgan and the surrounding areas.